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I’ll just jump right in. The Bonneville Salt Flats!!! Unbeknownst to us, as we left Salt Lake City, we would be driving right by these amazing salt flats. We had never seen anything like them. Have you seen them? Such a weird landscape. All along the road from SLC we saw salt mines and evidence of salt on the ground. Then all of a sudden the salt expanse got wider and wider, with some mountains in the distance. We saw a rest stop and it wasn’t until we pulled over that we really got the full effect, as in the photo above. It was hot and it looked like a snowy, flat landscape. There was a busload of Japanese tourists taking photos and some other people wandering around. Of course it turns out these salt flats are famous (see photo below) but it was so funny just stumbling upon them on our drive. That’s what we all love about travel, the great surprises. They balance out the hassles, right?

We crossed into Nevada for the next part of the drive. Northern Nevada was much prettier than expected and it was a good time driving through. We landed in Reno and drove through the downtown which, no offense, is a shabbier, older, smaller version of Las Vegas. The Monkees were playing that night but Walter wasn’t having it. Apparently he’s not a Believer, ha, ha, get it? (My friend Gale and I LOVED the Monkees in the late 60s and I wish I could have gone to that show with her.) It was our anniversary that night and we went out to a lovely Italian dinner. The next day we left Reno and I could feel my happiness level rising as we drove through the beautiful Sierras, stopped to see our family cabin (still boarded up) and arrived in Jackson. We’re taking a break now and thinking about our next trip …..