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Happy Summer Solstice! We’ve been back in California since June 10th. By the time we were heading back we were a bit weary of travel and decided to drive pretty much straight through Colorado, Utah and Nevada, stopping only to eat and sleep. The drive turned out to be so much more pleasant than we expected because of the beautiful scenery along the way.

Leaving Colorado we drove through the most beautiful river gorge. I made quick notes in my phone as I took photos from the car.  “Grizzly Creek and Hanging Lake. White River National Forest. Interstate 70”. The opening photo is taken through our dirty windshield as there was no place to stop and photograph along the route. Sorry, but you get the idea.

It was funny – at one  point we had to stop at a tunnel so I rolled down the window and got a beautiful photo of the view. Just then a giant truck full of cows pulled up alongside us and completely blocked any further photos. We cracked up. Figures! We had to roll up the windows ’cause man, those cows stunk!

That first day we drove from Denver to Salt Lake City. As we left Colorado I took over driving while Walter napped. Utah is a beautiful state in the south but the northern part is kind of dull, at least the road we were on. I loved driving it though. I put on my headphones (probably illegal) and listened to Bob Dylan while driving 80 mph (legal!) along a long, straight, mostly empty road. Heaven! We got into Salt Lake City that evening, slept, ate a terrible free breakfast at the hotel and got on our way.