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So the main reason I wanted to come to Denver was to see this blue bear. I love bears (from a distance) and I think this one is so funny. We arrived in Denver after a really beautiful drive though the Rockies. It was rainy and cloudy that day with a lightening storm in the distance but we still enjoyed the drive. It’s always weird to get to a city after being in the quiet country. It’s hot here in Denver so we’ve been finding indoor things to do. Yesterday we went to three museums – two art museums and the Natural History Museum. Denver kind of has the vibe of where we lived in San Diego. Lots of brew pubs and bike paths, traffic and young people. Last night we went out to dinner at a brewery and we sat outside on the patio. I noticed we were the oldest people there. Not to worry, I still enjoyed Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix playing on the sound system. Ha, young people!

Today we’re mostly gearing up to head back to California tomorrow. We’ve been on the road for almost three weeks straight and we’re ready for a break. We’re heading back to Jackson to see my mom, who is back home now and doing great. I also want to give my sister Cecilia a break from caretaking so she’s going to head out in her little Casita trailer while we stay in Jackson. We’ll be there a week or so and then on to visit friends before heading back to San Diego sometime in July. This has been the longest stretch yet with just Walter and me, not visiting friends. It’s been mostly really fun and we’re still talking to each other so that’s good but I think we’ll both welcome some company other than each other.

Tomorrow I’m going to write a post on how we’re managing this trip. My friend Ann asked about it so I’ll share my travel tips. Stay tuned!

P.S. one of the exhibits at the art museum was the work of Jim Howard. He was a fashion illustrator back in the days of illustrated newspaper ads. It was fun to see his work from the 70’s and 80’s, the same era my mom was also working as an illustrator. It’s too bad photography took over that industry. Those ads used to be so great.