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How can you drive by a crater formed by an astroid 50,000 years ago and not stop? As we left Flagstaff, heading to Albuquerque, NM we had to detour to see this. We paid $16 each (senior rate) to be able to climb up a staircase to get this view. It’s hard to wrap your head around what must have happened to form such a giant crater. From the postcard below you get a better sense of scale with the buildings and road at the bottom of the image. We stayed about 15 minutes, avoided the gift shop (except to buy a postcard) and moved on.

We have a really comfortable place in Albuquerque, right near Old Town. We spent most of yesterday indoors as it is hot here. We visited their great museum, full of local history and art. After that we went to out to happy hour and had Margaritas and really good Mexican food. Later in the evening when the weather cooled down we walked back to the plaza and listened to traditional Mexican music along with the locals and tourists like us. A highlight was hearing “Imagine” by John Lennon sung in both english and spanish.