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Today was a great day exploring Walnut Canyon National Monument. We hiked along the canyon to see the remains of Sinaguan Cliff Dwellings. You can see some of the dwellings in the cliff to the left of Walter. The Sinaguan are thought to have lived there between 1100 and 1300 A.D. It was fascinating to see their dark “rooms”. The trail doesn’t go to the bottom of the canyon but it does have 736 steps round trip (but who’s counting?). We were a bit winded coming up, partly due to the altitude and partly due to being out of shape. 🙂 We started our day with a bike ride on some forest trails here in Flagstaff and then had a picnic by a lake. All in all a great day with beautiful weather. Flagstaff has a lot to offer and  I highly recommend it for a vacation.