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As most of you know, ever since Walter retired in 2015 we’ve been thinking and talking about how to travel more. While we loved our little house in San Diego, we didn’t like leaving it for long periods of time. So, after much thought, we sold it to a really nice couple who will be a great addition to an already great neighborhood. We wish them every happiness there.


coddiwomple (v.) to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination


My sister, Annie sent me that quote above. Our plan (such as it is) is to travel the U.S. by car as well as trips abroad. It’s a bit loose and vague at the moment. We’re still in San Diego but plan to head north soon to say farewell to friends and family there. In the planning stages is a fall trip to Portugal and neighboring countries.  So stay tuned …


I will probably do most of the posting on this blog. We set it up for anyone who would like to follow us on our travels. I’ve been working with a guy named Guy on this site and while he knows what he’s doing, I don’t, so bear with me and hopefully I’ll get the hang of it.


Side note; “The Gray Outdoors” is in reference to our love of exploring the great outdoors and the fact that I’m letting my hair go gray this year. The clever play on words just came to me.

Ha, ha, not really – John Collura came up with it.  🙂


Ok, that’s it for the first post. I hope you’ll stay with me as our journey unfolds and my writing improves.